Modernizing Your ABM Strategies in 2019

Modernizing Your ABM Strategies in 2019

Modernizing Your ABM Strategies in 2019 May 07, 2019     Editor

ABM is not new, it’s here for decades. The journey of ABM is full of changes that have happened to move ABM from a known strategy to the latest trend among the B2B marketers is inspiring. And as 2019 kicked off, B2B marketers are burning with curiosity about strategic changes in ABM. Thanks to early advancement and digital disruption of technology that ABM strategies have left behind the old school marketing game plans. ABM offers personalization that allows marketers to focus on those 10%-20% accounts that value the most, to make engagements highly targeted and personalized in a business. With ABM you can be specific. You can now identify the big accounts and can shift your mindset from lead-based marketing to account-based marketing in 2019, to build the right mix for a successful matured ABM strategy.
“B2B companies have an established practice of ABM and this year the numbers will surely increase”.

Let's take a look at the few ABM strategies, how they have changed starting this year. And how you can take a competitive advantage in 2019.  

Strategic: Strategic ABM allows you to take a strategic approach towards your most valuable target audiences. In 2019 a Strategic Approach ABM is critical to overcoming challenges revolved around developing personalized content for specific accounts, getting the target audience to engage with the content and the most important measuring the overall impact of ABM strategy.
“Intent data is a great way to choose your target accounts”_

Lite: If you want to reach out your top 50-60 contacts than you need to broaden your approach. However, this year with crucial changes ABM Lite Approach not being an individual approach provides the freedom to apply ABM principles to the account groups that face similar business challenges.
“You can consider digital ads, personalized content and compelling direct email to enhance sales outreach”.

Programmatic: A programmatic ABM or one to many ABM is a highly scalable approach in 2019 for marketing when you target a large number of account. How many? That’s up to you, as there are no hard and fast rules however you can choose a 100-1000 target account that shares common business challenges. Programmatic ABM activities which allow marketers to reach a large group of target accounts effectively and efficiently.
“The average number of accounts for one-to-many campaigns according to the ITSMA sits at around 100”

To build an integrated platform for ABM, here are the areas you should consider:
Ad Tech / Media
Marketing Automation

ABM requires strong leadership, commitment and a willingness to adopt new technology and methods. However, the results are highly effective. If ABM carried out the right way, it can lead your organization towards reaching the accounts that can actually change your business fortune. Focus your 2019 efforts on your ABM success, and you won’t be disappointed.

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