How Intent Data Is Powering ABM?

How Intent Data Is Powering ABM?

How Intent Data Is Powering ABM? May 22, 2019     Editor

We are using ABM for years now and are totally aware of the powerful approach that ABM has and how a well designed ABM can give an edge over the competitors. However, integrating the Intent Data core insights with your ABM strategy can double your marketing efforts and conversion rates compared to a traditional ABM strategy. You can now have access to information on your future customers about their needs and pain points which could help you to re-shape your whole strategy and enhance your outreach further. Delivering highly relevant and personalized content for your prioritize target accounts that have shown higher intent during their buyer journey. With Intent data powering ABM strategy, B2B marketers can get insights into their prospects’ levels of engagement and lead to the success of their campaigns.

“In ABM, there are a few key types of data that companies use to inform their strategies. These are firmographic, technographic, intent, and engagement data._Leadshift

Intent Data:

Intent data is an unturned shiny stone in marketing, much popular amongst the B2B marketers and why not? When you have access to the time-based core insights of your future customers buying journey, the natural attraction is obvious. There are a number of tools which can provide those valuable first-party insights by analyzing prospects activities on the web. Intent Data can help you to always keep your eye on your target audience at every stage of their buying journey. Even third party intent data can help you identify your in-market buyers who haven’t yet engaged with you. And before prioritizing and nurturing of your existing leads with personalized emails and website, analyzing the Intent data can help you to discover where your customers are in their buying journey. There are two types of Intent Data.

  • First Party Intent Data

  • Third Party Intent Data

‘Marketo, Eloqua,  are the most popular tools to generate First Party Intent Data”.
‘Bombora, TechTarget, 6sense are amongst the top third party intent data providers.

Intent Data with ABM:

ABM has always been a game-changer for B2B marketers over the years when competing with traditional marketing strategies. However, there are limitations to its potential value as well. The Idea behind ABM was to building a strategy which narrows down the focus of your sales and marketing team to a set of the similar targeted audience for an effective and longlasting relationship. Like any other strategy, ABM is not a strategy that you can expand to include every account, it works only for a handful accounts you have. Intent Data and ABM can go along for a successful campaign journey as a true Dual ABM approach requires both sales and marketing to use the data effectively to building account list using analytics and insights. As not all engagement is created equal, you need the ability to measure engagement to operate the account funnel.  “If you have an account in which for the past few weeks, multiple contacts have been researching a new phone system and downloading white papers about new phone systems, that not only tells you if they meet your buying criteria, but it tells you they’re in the market now.”
– Alison Murdock, Verto Analytics

ABM has been a guarantee for a successful ROI but it can not go alone. However, even ABM has its limits and using Intent data to develop accounts is not only revolutionizing the way we market to our customers also enhancing the ABM outreach when turned the data into actionable insights.
"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.  Henry Ford

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